ANADEF in brief

About us

ANADEF, a French Scientific non profit Society established in 2001 groups together Industry Experts and Scientists concerned by the failure mechanisms of electronic components and assemblies, in the aim to PREVENT, DETECT and ANALYSE.
Founder members had a long practice of the Failure Analysis; some of them had cooperated together in the field of the analysis of failure since 1985. It is thus more than 25 years of practice and sharing of experience that feed the current exchanges

What we do

Promote and lead a network of specialists and volunteer experts who:

- Share their knowledge and their experiences to enrich their know-how in a large spectrum of the failure analysis of electronic components and improve their efficiency by cross fertilization
- Anticipate the technological evolutions by finalizing new methods of investigation and analysis.

How We Work

Members implement working groups on new techniques to be on time, to anticipate, and to solve questions and problems related to failure in use on new components. All practical works are developed from Lab equipments. Failure mechanisms on passive and active components are systematically and periodically scanned and studied.
In parallel, some working groups are involved in determining performance limits of Lab Equipments (SEM, TEM, OBirch, TOD, etc.), having a positive attitude to improve them with equipment manufacturers.
Each working group managed by a Convenor has a life time of six months to three years.

Conclusions of works are compiled in Guides or Data Bases, exclusively for members.

Membership Choice process

The efficiency of works and results is built on a complete confident attitude of each one. That is the reason why each Company member is admitted by a strict cooptation procedure. Each Application file should obtain the unanimity approval of Board members.
This cooptation model is operational from 1985! It procures guarantee to keep the Founders’ Spirit: ability to contribute and to share.
The senior experts educate and train the future junior experts. Several seniors have a world level expertise.
Our size: 40 companies approx (using French language), more than 300 individual members.

Our periodic open Event

ANADEF organises a residential workshop each two years during one June’s week. Tutorials, sessions and micro workshops are nested to stimulate theoretical approach, case studies and problem resolutions in a friendly atmosphere. Special tutorial sessions are dedicated to training. These training courses cover High Level Topics to help scientists, engineers, technicians and the management of service supports to update knowledge on new technologies and techniques cores of the Failure Analysis.

Exclusive Member benefits

·         ANADEF Intranet Web site

·         ANADEF Guides and Data Bases

·         ANADEF national and international Networking

·         ANADEF Partner Societies network

·         ANADEF Career and recruitment information

Our Values

From 1982, Listening, Sharing, Trust, Respect, Humility


ANADEF Workshop 2018

Date: June 5-8, 2018
Location: Belambra Business Club, Seignosse-Hossegor (Landes), France
Workshop program (in French)



EUropean Faillure Analysis NETwork
Workshop Resumes


 European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics ans Analysis.
The annual symposium, an European event which ANADEF members actively participate


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ANADEF, the French Society for Failure Analysis of Electronic Components